The Caledonian Society

      With Scottish names in The Netherlands

               's-Gravenhage 25 January 1973


Dutch-Scottish Genealogic and Cultural Association

The Netherlands 's - Gravenhage 25th January 1973.


The Caledonian Society started by Mr.P.C.Douglas and Mr.E.J.Mac Gillavry. In the forty years of its existence, The Caledonian Society was practising Genealogic and Heraldy.

Also the interest in the Scottish history and cultural aspects was taken into consideration in or communication booklet largely, like also reinforcing links between members and families with a Scottish backgrond.                                                                                                                                                     The following names from Scots members in The Netherlands are for further information in our archives and library.



Scottish family Clannnames from members in or archives

A. Abercrombie,Aberkrom,Adam, Aiton, Allen, Amstrong, Averson.

B. Balfoort, Balfour, Ballintine, Blackborn, Bu(o)chanan, Bogie, Borthwick, Brown, Bruce, Bruyce, Butler.

C.Campbell, Carley, Colyear, Cowan, Craig, Creychton, Crouder, Crum, Cunningham.

D. Davidson, Donald, Dorward, van Dumaglas, Dun, Dunbar, Duncan, Dunrie, Dundasn Douglas, Douw.

F. Falcorner, Fenlison, Ferguson, Forbes, Fearn, Fraser.

G. Gillavry (Mac Gillivray), Gordon, Grant, Gunn.

H. Hamilton, Henderson, Hendrikson, Houston, Hutchison.

K. Kaim, Kajim, Kayim, Kennedy, Keen, Kean/Keene, Kentie, Kincaid, Kinket.

L. Leith, Lengkeek, Livingston, Loban.

M. Mac Bean, Mac Coll of Mul, Macdaniel, Mac Donald,Macinroys,  MacKay, Mackaay, Mac Kendricks,

     Mac.Kenzie, Mackintosh, Mac Lean, Mac Kloet, Mac Lenman, Mac Neill, Macpherson, Mac Quelijn,

     Mac in Roy, Makking, Marjoribanks, Matezon, Matheson, Menzies, Meston, Morré, Munro, Murdoch,


O. Ogg, Oggelbie, Oglivy.

R. Robbinson, Robertson, Ross.

S. Scot, Sempel, Seton, Sinclair, Sjerp (Sharp), Skene, Story, Stuart, Sutherland.

T. Tayler, Thomasson, Treels, Trimble.

U. Urquart.

V. Veder (Vether).

W. Wallace, Wallis, Wildy,Willekes, Wilson, Witness, Wright, Wood.

Y. Young. 



Historical Information

in or Archives.

British Regiments employed since the reign of Queen Elizabeth and King James I in the formation and defence of the Dutch Republic, particularly of the Scotch Brigade.- London 1794.

More information about Scots Brigade in The Netherlands are in or archive and Library.

Scots Brigade between the Dutch army from the 16e, 17e and 18e century in the Netherlands.



More information about genealogy of Scottish family roots in The Netherlands wil be save for the future in or archives on the central adres;

If you have any futher questions, plase don't hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards, Alister Willemsen-Young.



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